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German dressage riders went for back-to-back team gold during the FEI Pony European Championships in Strzegom. Silver went to the Netherlands, and bronze to Denmark. 

Mia Allegra Lohe with Tovdals Golden Future Imperial, Lilly Marie Collin riding Cosmo Callidus NRW, Franziska Roth with Daily Pleasure WE and Julie Sofie Schmitz-Heinen aboard Carleo Go were victorious with the result of 226,371%. 
„As a team we are very close, we support each other a lot. It is definitely an honor riding here in this amazing arena, it was a lot of fun and a great experience for me and my pony!” – said Lilly Marie Collin.
“Competing here is a great honor, I think we all loved it very much and we are looking forward to the next days. So far we are very happy to have won the gold medal” – commented Franziska Roth.
“It’s a lot of fun, the team was fantastic. I’m very excited and I will do my best in the next rounds” – said Mia Allegra Lohe.
The best team rider today was Julie Sofie Schmitz-Heinen, scoring a 77,943% - “My pony was very hot in the beginning, but in the test, he was very relaxed and we could do a good round today.”
It is not the end of the dressage rivalry. From Friday to Sunday the riders will compete for individual medals. 
We saw 52 pairs in the first showjumping competition for teams and individuals. The young athletes showed a very high level today, and as many as 29 of them finished clear. In the team classification, 6 countries are sitting on a zero-penalty score going into tomorrow’s final: the Netherlands, Ireland, France, Sweden, Italy and Denmark.
Team dressage medalists:
1. Germany - 226,371% 
Julie Sofie Schmitz-Heinen, CARLEO GO - 77,943%
Lilly Marie Collin, COSMO CALLIDUS NRW - 73,028%
Franziska Roth, DAILY PLEASURE WE - 72,943%
2. the Netherlands - 223,298%
Esmee Boers, BEAUTY W - 74,772%
Morgan Walraven, DEVILL'S KISS NAONI - 74,429%
Bridget Lock, DON DAVINO HORSEPOINT - 74,097%
Maddy Dijkshoorn, BOOGIE DE L'AUBE - 73,343%   
3. Denmark - 221,800%         
Cornelia Munch Sinding, TERBOFENS CHARICO - 74,857%
Josephine Gert Nielsen, KASTANIENHOF CRIMSON GOLD - 74,457 %
Andrea Hamann Sand, GOLDEN SPRING GH - 72,486%       
Selma Ludvigsen, EGELYKKES PERFETTO - 71,743%
8. Poland - 210,715%
Veronica Pawluk, D'ARTAGNAN 187 - 72,629%        
Pola Guerquin-Koryzma, MILKY WAY PP - 70,600%
Barbara Rynkowska, LEUNS VELD'S WINSTON - 67,486%
Results: https://zawodykonne.com/zawody/50/tour/1171/8036#